Wise Disk Cleaner V9.11 - 免费磁盘清理

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Wise Disk Cleaner是中文免费友好界面,快速简便的清理垃圾空间,进行磁盘整理的工具。它能识别多达50种垃圾文件,可以让你轻松地把垃圾文件请出你的计算机。


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Have you ever been worried about a large number of temporary files and junk files creating by using computer everyday, what's more, over time these files take up more and more of your disk space and slow down your PC? Yes, Wise Disk Cleaner Free can help you to solve your problems. It is a software program for freeing up disk space by deleting junk files and temporary files. This free disk cleaning tool can run almost all Windows OS including Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server, Windows Vista, Widows XP etc..


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