LotSoft BDlot Blu-ray Ripper - 蓝光DVD解密复制

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BDlot Blu-ray Ripper是一个专业的蓝光解密和复制工具,为用户保护和创建他们购买蓝光光盘的备份。它可以立即删除所有已知的蓝光复制保护和整个BD光盘内容提取到M2TS视频文件或蓝光文件夹(与Win7媒体播放器和VLC兼容)。这种强大的蓝光备份解决方案采用最新的加密的完全控制(AACS MKB V26),BD +复制保护,ROM标记,等所有复杂的技术将很容易地解决。

LotSoft BDlot Blu-ray Ripper(蓝光DVD解密复制)v3.4.1

BDlot Blu-ray Ripper is a pro-level Blu-ray decrypting and copy tool for users to protect and create backup on their purchased Blu-ray discs. It can instantly remove all-known Blu-ray copy protections and extract the whole BD disc content into M2TS video file or Blu-ray folder (compatible with Win7 Media Player and VLC). This powerful Blu-ray backup solution takes full control on latest encryption (AACS MKB v26), BD+ copy protection, Rom Mark, etc. All complicated technologies will be readily solved with 1-2-3 steps.


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