Focus Photoeditor - 照片修饰增色

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NeWest Software Focus Photoeditor是一款相当于精华版 Photoshop 的软件,PS 中常用的修饰加工功能都能在该软件中找到,并且该软件支持 RAW 格式。修饰数码照片,不一定非得劳师动众请用 Photoshop,这款小巧的编辑软件说不定就能满足你的胃口。

Focus Photoeditor(照片修饰增色)v6.5.0.2


With this professional yet easy to use tool you will be able to turn any picture into a masterpiece and design creative projects. It is the right tools for both beginners and advanced users.
The very gem of Focus Photoeditor, is the "Quick-Fix" algorithm. It allows anyone, even the beginner, to correct their photos with a single click. But our image editor is much more than just automatic fixing, it has any tool you may ever need, it includes also layers and a huge selection of filters and selection modes.


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