EasyHDR PRO - 数码照片处理

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EasyHDR 是一款实用的数码照片处理软件,可以将普通数码相机拍摄的24bit真彩照片转换为高动态范围的照片。可以令普通的数码照片产生令人难以置信的效果。它可以有效解决普通数码相机在明暗对比强烈的环境无法正确曝光的问题,如果你想在拍摄满月的同时还能让照片显示出周围的星星,就用这款软件。

EasyHDR PRO(数码照片处理)v2.30.2

EasyHDR PRO is an image processing software that produces and tone maps High Dynamic Range (HDR) images out of photo sequences taken with a digital camera. It is capable of importing several image formats: JPEG, 24/48-bit TIFF, FITS or any RAW photo (thanks to integration with DCRAW). EasyHDR PRO can also import OpenEXR (*.exr), Radiance RGBE (*.hdr) and 96-bit floating point TIFF HDR images that were previously generated with any other HDR image processing software.

In order to produce a well exposed and dramatic-looking photo it is not always necessary to use a series of differently exposed images. Sometimes just one photo is sufficient. That's why easyHDR PRO gives you the ability to process a single image - the feature is called LDR (Low Dynamic Range) enhancement.


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