Disc Ejector - 光驱管理控制工具

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Disc Ejector 是一个后台运行小工具,允许您在任务栏上控制光驱。为笔记本电脑用户防止自动关闭和打开驱动器托盘意外损坏驱动器。包括一些功能,如定时自动关闭,禁用的启动自动运行,浏览驱动器和光盘信息,光盘插入通知。

Disc Ejector v1.2.0

Control your Disc Tray from the Taskbar
Easily open/close disc tray from the open and close button on main window or by right clicking the icon near the clock.

Timed Auto Close
The disc try can automatically close in few seconds so you dont have to manually close it

Disc Insert Notification
Displays disc information when a new disc is inserted.

文件大小: 1M; 网盘下载 - 绿色版

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