Calibre V2.43.0 - 电子书阅读

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免费的电子阅读软件。 包含多国语言,其中包括中文

When downloading metadata from Amazon, convert the amazon categories into tags. You can turn this off by going to Preferences->Metadata download and configuring the Amazon source.

Kobo driver: Add an option to modify the styling in books being sent to the device, based on a template on the device.

Get Books: Add support for two more Polish ebook stores: and
calibredb: Add a new clone command to create clones of libraries with the same custom columns, virtual libraries, etc. as the current library.
Bug Fixes
MOBI metadata: Do not fail to set metadata in MOBI files if they have EXTH fields with NULL pointers to a cover or thumbnail.

Fix editing of book metadata failing when its timestamp is out of range for the system.

Fix renaming a user category to the same name it already has erases the user category.

Fix drag 'n drop of cover onto conversion dialog not working
Device drivers: Explicitly fsync() all files when writing to devices, to reduce chances of file corruption if the device is disconnected while jobs are running
Fix calibre not appearing in Ubuntu's 'Open with..' menu


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