Actual Multiple Monitors V8.2.0- 多显示器配置工具

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Actual Multiple Monitors是DisplayLink推出的多显示综合解决方案,能够改善Windows用户界面,轻松的对多显示器进行设置。它将任务栏和开始菜单分配到每个已联机的显示器,用户可创建多个桌面配置,从而大幅提高多显示器的利用效率。


Actual Multiple Monitors Features
If you are lucky owner of at least two displays you have surely noticed that even modern versions of Windows® provides very basic support for multi-monitor environments. The extended screen estate requires some special tools to get the real benefit from it - otherwise, you are risking to spend more time on routine window manipulations than on your actual work.
Actual Multiple Monitors provides the following specially designed tools to maximize the speed and comfort when working with a multiple monitors setup:
Multi-monitor Taskbar - makes window navigation quick and easy on secondary displays
Multi-monitor Task Switcher - cancels the need to turn your attention to the primary display every time you switch between tasks using <Alt+Tab>
Multi-monitor background wallpaper - gives additional abilities to customize the desktop background
Multi-monitor screen saver - allows running any screen saver in a multi-monitor mode
Desktop management tools - provides various tools to manage the multi-monitor desktop efficiently: desktop profiles, desktop icons manager, etc.
Desktop mirroring tools - provides various types of desktop mirroring to improve the workflow
Advanced multi-monitor window management - speeds up the allocation of windows within the extended desktop
Multi-monitor mouse - adds new handy features to use the mouse efficiently in a multiple displays environment



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